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Nature Program Features:

The Nature Glen

Take a self-guided tour of the Glen during program time to experience live reptiles and amphibians, fascinating models and informative displays.

Cairn Boot Award
Scattered throughout Camp Royaneh’s forest are 24 mounds of rock with coffee cans in the center. Grab a map from the admin building, hike all the cairns, write your name on the pad of paper in the box, and then get your scoutmaster to sign a note saying you have done them all. Place the note in the box in the admin building. Play fair, because the Nature Staff checks the cairns every night, against the list in the box. People who finish the Cairn Trail will receive a cairn boot; pick up trash along the trail, and receive the coveted green cairn boot.

Jack Laws Nature Trail
A self-guided tour of camp featuring a look at the myriad of plants and trees at Camp Royaneh. Guidebooks are available at the Trading Post or may be checked out at the Nature Glen.

Upper Loop Nature Trail
Like the Cairn Trail, except there are no cairns, rather posts detailing interesting nature sights. There is a guidebook available from the Trading post to check out, or purchase. All who complete the hike will receive a pewter oak leaf.

Leave No Trace/Ecology Night
For adult leaders, Tuesday is Leave No Trace Training and ecology conservation award awareness night. Learn how to help your troop achieve Leave No Trace excellence, and about the Hornaday and other conservation awards.

Order of the Rattlesnake
Gourmet Royaneh, Campwide public service announcements, and other fun activities await those who feel they are worthy of being Inducted into the order of the rattlesnake, the Nature Glen’s highest honor.

Critter of the Week
Bring in an animal you have caught, and the nature staff will record it.  Coolest critter at the end of the week receives a great nature prize.  Mammals, birds, poisonous reptiles (i.e. rattlesnakes), and dead things are not allowed.  Everything else is fair game.

Adult Leader Events
Every Night in the Glen we have a special Glen event designed just for you, the adult leader. Some of the events will include a Leave No Trace training and a basic understanding of the astrology of our summer skies.  There will also be a few surprises along the way so make sure to check it out.

Open Nature
Scouts with partials in nature badges are encouraged to complete them at the Nature Glen during the 7:00-8:15 period. This is a time to complete badges that were started prior to camp, not a time to begin new ones. Bird Study, Astronomy and Energy merit badge partials may also be completed in the Nature Glen, but keep in mind that some of the requirements can not be completed at camp.

Nature Schedule

9:30 - 11:00 Weather Merit Badge

Fwammals (Fish & Wildlife Management
and Mammals) Merit Badge

Environmental Science Merit Badge
11:00-12:30 Oceanography Merit Badge

Nature Merit Badge

Reptile and Amphibian Study Merit Badge
2:00-3:30 Forestry Merit Badge

Environmental Science Merit Badge

Plant Science Merit Badge
3:30-5:00 Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge

Geology Merit Badge

Astronomy & Space Exploration Merit Badges
7:00 -8:00 Order of the Rattlesnake

Adult Leader Glen Events
10:00 Stargazing (Required for Astronomy MB, but open to anyone to gaze)