Baden Powell

Tenderfoot rank Second Class Rank First Class Rank
Tenderfoot Second Class First Class


Advancement Program for first year Campers

This program is designed to offer first year campers an opportunity to work toward the goal of First Class while still experiencing all aspects of Camp Royaneh’s program.

Scouts may/can work toward a rank in 1 of 2 ways:

1.      Attend the session which pertains to the rank you are working on if you have not started or have most of the requirements to fulfill.

2.      Attend the skill session in the afternoon if you only have a few requirements to complete a rank.

Scouts are also encouraged to use the staff during free time as a tour guide to the different programs at Camp Royaneh.

Baden Powell Schedule

9:30 - 11:00 Tenderfoot, First Class
11:00-12:30 Second Class, First Class
2:00-3:30 Tenderfoot, Second Class
3:30-5:00 Skills Session
7:00-8:15 Skills Session






The Skills Session will address specific topics on specific days, but Scouts may also attend and work on whatever requirements they choose.

Baden Powell Program Features

Tenderfoot Scoutmaster Dinner - Tuesday night Scoutmasters are invited to a special dinner prepared by Scouts in their troop who are working on their Tenderfoot rank.

There is a special campfire on Monday for first year campers only. This campfire takes place at 7:45 and will not interfere with scouts attending their troop campfires. This is open to all First Year Campers regardless of whether or not they have participated in the Baden Powell program that week.