Pioneering First Aid Cooking Emergency Prep
Orienteering Camping Scoutcraft Pewter

Scoutcraft Program Features:

Cooking MB
Scouts MUST sign up for both 11:00 and 3:30 in order to complete the entire badge at Camp.

Scoutcraft Award
Complete a Short Orienteering Course, help erect a Pioneering Project, Tie the 8 basic Scout knots and assist in Teaching Totin’ Chip. Consult with the Scoutcraft Staff for more information.

Totin’ Chip
Every evening but Wednesday the first 12 Scouts will learn the basic knife, bow saw and axe safety skills in Totin’ Chip. Totin’ Chip is also offered as part of the Baden Powell program.

Firem’n Chit
Every evening but Wednesday. Designed to teach basic fire building skills to Scouts and leaders.

Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award
An advanced axemanship course that requires 5 nights to complete. For older Scouts who want to learn more advanced woodsman skills using larger 3/4 axes.  Long pants, boots, and Totin’ Chip are required.  It starts on Sunday and lasts all week.

Scoutcraft Schedule

9:30-11:00 Emergency Prep MB

Pioneering Merit Badge

Orienteering Merit Badge

First Aid Merit Badge
11:00-12:30 Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge

Cooking MB

First Aid Merit Badge
Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge

First Aid Merit Badge

Pioneering Merit Badge
3:30-5:00 Camping Merit Badge

Cooking Merit Badge

First Aid Merit Badge
7:00-8:15 Totin’ Chip (S, M,T,Th,F)

Firem’n Chit (S, M,T,Th,F)

Paul Bunyan (S, M, T, TH, F must attend ALL sessions)