Mountain Man

Indian Lore American Heritage Wilderness Survival Archaeology
Mountain Man Pewter award


Mountain Man Program Features

Black Powder Rifle
Pour in the powder, pack the .45 caliber ball and test your skill with a muzzleloader like the ones used throughout the Old West. (By BSA policy, Scouts must be 13 or older to fire the muzzleloaders). Younger Scouts with interest are urged to come and learn the procedures and safety rules of shooting. The range features 1/2" plate steel winging targets as well as more traditional targets. Tickets are available at the Trading Post.

Tomahawk Throwing
All Scouts are encouraged to come up and try their hand at throwing the ‘hawks in the traditional trapper style.

Open Crafts
This is a time for Scouts in the Indian Lore badge, or those just interested in learning more about Native American crafts to come up and learn this age old art. Everyone is welcome.

Scoutmaster Lunch
Adult leaders are invited to come to the Mountain Man area at 12:45 on Tuesday to enjoy a Dutch oven gourmet meal with the Mountain Men. Fun for all adults!

Scoutmaster Blanket Shoot
All Scoutmasters should come up to the range for this special competition. To participate you need to bring a craft you have made. It can be any type of craft, neckerchief slide, patch, etc. All crafts are placed on a blanket. A single elimination shoot-off will decide the winner. The winner gets first pick of the crafts and everyone gets a prize.

Mountain Man Award
For the serious Mountain Maniac. To earn this prestigious award see the Mountain Men during free time.

Mountain Man Schedule

9:30-11:00 Indian Lore Merit Badge
American Heritage Merit Badge
11:00-12:30 Indian Lore Merit Badge
Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
2:00-3:30 Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
Indian Lore Merit Badge
Archaeology Merit Badge
3:30-5:00 Crafts, 'Hawk Throw, Black Powder
7:00-8:15 Crafts, Black Powder, 'Hawk Throw