Merit Badges

Merit Badge Session Limitations

We want to give all Scouts a fair chance to participate in those badges which, because of facilities or safety, are limited. For these badges the staff will take the names of all Scouts who meet the qualifications and hold a lottery with age and rank as the primary determinant to fill the spots. Names picked will be posted in Bob’s Bend by dinner on Sunday. Program areas will be open after dinner for adjustments.

Merit Badge List

Click the title of the merit badge for the official BSA requirements.

Merit BadgeDifficultyPre-Requisites/NotesCost
Advanced Horsemanship Difficult 14 and earned Horsemanship MB $15
American Heritage Difficult See Below $5
Archaeology Moderate
Archery Difficult Able to pull back 25lb bow $5
Art Moderate $7
Astronomy Medium Must attend stargazing at 10pm
Basketry Easy Done in free time only $5-$10
Camping Moderate Requirements 9a, 9b
Canoeing Difficult Must be a swimmer $10
Cinematography Moderate
Citizenship in the Nation Difficult Completed the 8th grade
Citizenship in the World Difficult
Communication Difficult Requirement 5; third year scouts and older
Cooking Difficult Takes up two class periods
Emergency Preparedness Difficult Requirement 8b
Energy Moderate
Entrepreneurship Moderate
Environmental Science
First Aid Moderate CPR certification recommended
Fish & Wildlife Management
Forestry Moderate
Geology Moderate
Horsemanship Difficult 13 yrs old and 5ft or taller $10
Indian Lore Moderate $5
Leatherwork Easy $5-$10
Lifesaving Difficult Requirement 1; CPR recommended
Mammal Study Moderate
Nature Moderate
Oceanography Moderate
Orienteering Moderate
Painting Easy $10
Pioneering Moderate
Plant Science Moderate
Public Speaking Easy
Reptile Study Easy
Rifle Shooting Difficult $15
Salesmanship Moderate
Scouting Heritage Easy
Shotgun Shooting Difficult 13 yrs and older, 100+ lbs $15
Soil & Water Conservation Moderate
Space Exploration Moderate
Swimming Moderate Requirement 3; Pass Swimmers Test
Theater Easy
Weather Moderate
Wildnerness Survival Moderate Overnight outpost required
Woodcarving Moderate 13 years and older, Totin' Chip required $5


American Heritage Merit Badge - Read about one of the following: Jedidiah Smith, James Beckworth, John Fremont, John Sutter, or Kit Carson.