Camp Royaneh History

Camp Royaneh was founded in 1925 by Raymond O. Hansen to provide a safe yet exciting experience for Scouts from San Francisco. In the time since its beginning it has welcomed over 100,000 Scouts and Scouters from all over the United States as well as Japan, England, and other nations.

The camp’s success is largely due to a tradition of excellence which has singled it out as one of the oldest and most widely attended Scout Camps West of the Mississippi.

Royaneh’s greatest asset is its setting. With a wide variety of plant and animal life, ranging from deep redwood forests to lush meadows spotted with oaks, its natural beauty is certainly impressive. Add facilities and an experienced, patient staff that enable Scouts to experience a wide variety of programs and you have a great summer for your troop.

Camp Royaneh is located along the Austin Creek on what was once the Watson Ranch. Raymond O. Hansen who was the first Camp Director bought the property and moved the "San Francisco Scout Training Camp" from its site nearer the town of Cazadero to its present location in 1925 and named it Camp Royaneh. In the early years, Camp Royaneh was for Scouts from the city of San Francisco only. Boys would sign up individually for camp and would take the ferry and a series of trains to the Watson and later Royaneh train station where every Scout would hike up the hill to camp.

Camp Royaneh thrived through the years and has seen its share of memorable characters including the likes of Ralph Benson, Powder River Joe, Uncle Ed Dike, and Bob Anino. Each one of these men and many others have left their mark on Camp Royaneh. Today you will find that Camp Royaneh is a place where a tradition of excellence has been maintained for 85 years. From its early founders to its current dedicated staff, Camp Royaneh has welcomed countless Scouts and Scouters.